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Welcome to West Coast Footings, home to all your horse arena needs! Whether it is horse arena footing additives to enhance the existing or new footing, or grooming equipment to maintain your footing, or watering equipment… We have it ALL!





About Us

Since we started in 1994, we have seen different types of  horse arena footing additives come and go, we’ve seen our competition come and go but through it all we have helped hundreds of folks build, fix and improve their horse arena issues. We can not only guide you with proven advice, but with John Dienhart’s hands on expertise, we can give you a highly functional quality horse  arena surface.

We work closely with our customers to ensure their satisfaction, so please give us a call today!!

What People are Saying
Carolyn Johnson, CA Oct. 23, 2009

Hello Barb: Well, FINALLY, I got my arena!!!! Your husband was like watching "an artist with a canvas" - you couldn't tell how it was going to turn out, but I am sure it is perfection! All in about 4 hrs. He is definitely a MASTER with his beautiful tractor and you can tell he has done it many many times!! I want you to know how GRATEFUL I am and as I told him, NO ONE COULDN'T BE MORE GRATEFUL THAN I!!! My husband said upon his return tonight he saw a big rig in our barn drive. “….” Thank you so very much again Barb for being such a great company to work with and please feel free to give anyone my # for an "on site" visit. I really appreciated working with both of you - you make a great TEAM!! John is a real delight and I am so happy that I didn't go with XXXXXXXXX after all! I looked for my notes about their quote and must have tossed it all away, but I think I remember them quoting $2500 a bale but I can't really remember. Perhaps an inquisition call to them would be in order to find out for sure what they are charging! It was a LOT! Take good care and many many thanks again!!
Fondly, Carolyn Johnson Oct.23, 2009

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Our Products
JD Eee Z Harrows 
Harrows taken to the next level...view our new line of
JD Eee Z Harrows, an incredible advancement in arena maintenance that you will see at once. 

Watering Equipment
We have watering equipment options to fit both your budget and your planned usage.  When you water, not only will your sand last longer but your horses and riders will be happier!
Footing Additives
We have an assortment of footing additives to increase your 'cush', water retention, and compaction problems to keep you and your horses happier.
Martin Collins Equine Surfaces Now a partner with West Coast Footings,





For Replacement Parts and Drags
Visit Harrows Unlimited for replacement parts, arena drags, used equipment and more. 
** To order a parts catalog please call 888-476-8230.
Harrows Unlimited is a division of West Coast Footings.